From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 17 - Transformational Coaching with Jordan Chen

October 2, 2018
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome Queen's Jordan Chen who is completing a master's degree in sport psychology to discuss transformational coaching.
(1:19) - Who are some coaches from various sports that are great leaders?
(9:15) - How should leadership be defined in a coaching context?
(10:15) - What is transformational leadership?
(11:00) - Resources: transformational coaching education
What is Transformational Coaching, Ontario Soccer Webinar
Jean Côté on Transformational Coaching, United States Center for Coaching Excellence Podcast
How to Become a Transformational Coach, Changing the Game Project, Way of Champions Podcast
Transformational Coaching, Smarter Coaching Podcast
Dr Jean Côté, The Athlete Development Show (podcast)
Transformational Coaching Workshop, International Sport Coaching Journal, Jean Côté & Jennifer Turnnidge (article)
(13:48) - Jordan's bio
(17:20) - How did being a data analyst for the men's team at Queen's change his perception of the game?
(18:50) - Has Jordan ever coached volleyball formerly?
(20:00) - Why did Jordan choose to study in the field of sport psychology?
(20:50) - Is the buy in from athletes and coaches in regards to sport psychology better nowadays or is it still marginalized?
(21:30) - What are early discoveries on youth coaching?
(26:30) - What is effective coaching?
(28:45) - What is transformational leadership and how does it apply to sports?
(32:48) - How recent is this concept of transformational coaching?
(36:30) - How does Jordan deal with coaches that aren't open minded to this concept of transformational coaching?
(38:10) - What does the early data collection on transformational coaching indicate?
(40:15) - How can the 4 C's be measured?
(42:50) - What are some key coaching behaviours in regards to the first I: Idealized influence?
(46:42) - What are some key coaching behaviours in regards to the second I: Inspirational motivation?
(50:30) - What are some key coaching behaviours in regards to the third I: Intellectual stimulation?

(56:40) - What are some key coaching behaviours in regards to fourth I: Individualized consideration?
(60:00) - How can the transformational coaching concept be adapted to younger age groups versus older age groups in club volleyball?