From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 15 (EN) - Sharing Lessons from the Summer & Pre-season Tips for Coaches

September 4, 2018
In this guestless episode, Frank & Thierry discuss their summer commitments with provincial programs and what they learned through such an enriching experience. Pre-season tips are also offered to coaches. 
(1:20) - Resources: Find a resource that forces you to reflect on your coaching practices. 

At Home on the Court (Mark Lebedew)

Coaching Volleyball (John Foreman)

Volleyball Coaching Wizards Podcast (Mark & John)

Volleyball Coaching Wizards (books)


(4:45) - Resource: Conscious Coaching by Brett Bartholomew


(6:37) - If you have a resource you would like us to propose on a future episode, please share it with us at


(7:45) - Why should a club coach participate in a summer provincial program?


(8:40) - Thierry's takeaways from being involved with Team Québec


(11:00) - How can a summer program permit a coach to self-improve continually?


(12:22) - Is physical conditioning the most limiting training factor in regards to the athletes?


(17:40) - Why is seasonal planing so important even for a short program like a provincial team?


(20:09) - Why are classroom sessions so critical in preparing the high performance athlete?


(24:30) - Frank's takeaways from being involved with Team Ontario


(25:25) - Why is collaborating with passionate coaches every summer so invigorating?


(26:40) - What is the ideal selection process according to Frank?


(32:30) - Why are summer programs an ideal environment for professional development?


(34:45) - Why is team culture becoming a big part of Team Ontario programs?


(37:45) - Why should a head coach and her or his assistants hold a pre-season meeting? What should be discussed during that meeting?


(43:30) - What are the priorities when preparing the seasonal plan?


(48:00) - Why is the pre-season a great time to identify an area of coaching improvement, find a resource and set a plan to put in action?