From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 41 - Leadership with Ian Eibbitt

August 20, 2019
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome back McMaster University men's Assistant Coach and Youth National Team Assistant Coach Ian Eibbitt to discuss leadership. 
(0:48) - Check out previous episode with Ian Eibbitt on team culture
(1:57) - How did being a captain and a platoon chief helped Ian define his definition of leadership?
(4:36) - What kind of leadership did coach Eibbitt foster as a platoon chief?
(5:55) - What is a broad definition of leadership and what does a good leader do?
(10:02) - Many good resources are available online to help with the definition of leadership
Simon Sinek TED talks of leadership (part 1part 2)
Simon Sinek presentation on why leaders eat last
The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
The Captain's Class by Sam Walker
(11:15) - What were some of the first lessons on leadership that Ian learned through his firefighter experiences?
(14:22) - How can a coach or an athlete develop core values that are conducive to being a good leader?
(17:32) - Why is the dominant leader approach less prevalent in present times?
(20:48) - What are other ways coaches can develop their leadership skills?
(22:20) - How can leadership be developed with athletes?
(30:50) - How do you identify your leaders within your team or organization?
(33:50) - When should leaders be identified?
(36:35) - How does a leadership council function?
(38:15) - What are some potential obstacles a leadership council approach could produce?
(44:48) - How are the responsibilities divided among a leadership council?
(47:33) - What are coach Eibbitt's thoughts about choosing a captain through a team vote?
(48:38) - How should the court captain be chosen and how does it relate to leadership?
(51:16) - How would coach Eibbitt deal with an athlete complaint about a team leader?
(52:35) - Who should lead the on-court communication during matches?