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Episode 04 (EN) - Thoughts on Serving, MVCCP & Tournament Tips

April 3, 2018
In this guestless episode, Frank & Thierry tackle three different topics: a skill is scrutinized, a shoutout to a successful practice from another club is shared and a coach wellness topic is recommended.
(1:30) - Special episode format, no guest, 3 topics, a skill, a shoutout & a wellness tip
(3:56) - Similar episode also available in French (see below)
(8:15) - John Kessel will be presenting at the Coaching Symposium as part of the Volleyball Nations League (June 8-10). Click here to register.
(8:50) - Follow John Kessel on Twitter @JohnKesselUSAV
(10:00) - Serving cliché: when to not miss a serve
(12:00) - Lesson learned on serving through tennis
(13:22) - Serving is a very important skill that merits much attention to very specific details such as gathering performance numbers both in practice and competition 
(18:30) - More needs to be done on serving: more volume, more specific & purposeful practice
(20:20) - Block training with serve has its place and time
(21:50) - The need to focus on very specific details: starting point, toss, approach, reading of toss, quality of contact & affect on ball (trajectory, ball action, location, velocity
(23:33) - How to assess and use serving velocity
(26:50) - Make serving more purposeful in practice: serve & defend everytime, set very demanding success criteria, interval team serving late in season, create game like pressure
(33:30) - Blocked serving reps outside of practice on athlete's own time are very helpful
(35:12) - Thoughts on in game serve management
(40:05) - The most important club resource is the coaching group
(40:40) - Jos Nederveen, Mountain Volleyball Club, founded the MVCCP, an inhouse coaching program for their athletes
(45:09) - Coach wellness - how to avoid the OVA tournament traps and possible solutions
(46:10) - Make better decisions and lead by example
(47:45) - Bring your own meal to eat healthier, cheaper and save time
(49:12) - Use the down time on the road to be productive (catch up on work, prepping for tournament, discussing last training segment, gather information from all coaches, planning the next practices, updating each individual athlete file on strengths & things to improve)
(51:10) - Get a quick workout in upon arrival at hotel or in the morning before the tournament (i.e.: quick run on treadmill, a few laps in the pool, tabata workout in hotel room)
(53:38) - Avoid alcohol and go to bed earlier as requested with athletes
(54:20) - Take full advantage of the team food table to eat healthier, cheaper & faster
(55:52) - Read during breaks to relax, refresh your mind or perhaps to keep you on track by focusing on coaching topics such as leadership, motor learning, etc.  (i.e.: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leaf Babin, Talent Code & Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle) 
(58:33) - Participate actively during team warm up by foam rolling, stretching or doing some core exercises
(59:40) - Provide feedback or propose topics by e-mailing at