From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 28 (EN) - Thoughts on Blocking and Data Driven Coaching Decisions

March 6, 2019
In this guestless episode, Frank & Thierry tackle two different topics: training the skill of blocking and how data can help a coach make more educated decisions.
(0:50) - Guestless episodes cover various topics including a technical skill
(2:15) - Resource: Read the Game from Karch Kiraly (Part 123456789)
(3:38) - Resource: Tested to the Limit with Ronaldo (15:58 on eye tracking, 20:18 on cue reading)
(4:05) - Resource: Integrating Cue Reading and Decision-Making into Skill Development from Volleyball Canada
(4:40) - Why is blocking often a skill that is neglected by coaches?
(6:48) - How early should coaches focus on the skill of blocking?
Critical Analysis of Blocking by Art of Coaching Volleyball
(10:35) - How important is it to teach proper footwork for efficient blocking?
(11:10) - How can blocked training be minimalized with the training of blocking?
(17:40) - Why is using video so useful for training blocking?
(20:51) - Is the string above the net useful to teach early hand penetration?
(23:33) - How can various game like blocking scenarios help athletes read better and improve their blocking ability?
(28:23) - What are some key technical cues that should be used with blocking?
(33:03) - Should a late middle reach to close the block?
(37:19) - Can going through various blocking patterns be used as a warm up?
(38:30) - What is the eye sequence with blocking and how can it be trained?
(41:20) - How to be data driven when making coaching decisions?
(49:24) - Is midline passing better from a data perspective?
(52:15) - Please propose some topics for the championship season that should be discussed on the podcast at