From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 21 (EN) - Thoughts on Attacking, Coaching Relationships and Warm Up Games

November 27, 2018
In this guestless episode, Frank & Thierry tackle three different topics: training the skill of attacking, the importance of developing sound relationships with other coaches and some or our favourite warm up games.
(2:50) - Erratum: Apologies to John Forman and Mark Lebedew which we highlighted in Episode 15. John is an American and not an Englishman as originally mentioned and Mark's last name was mispronounced. Congratulation to John who was recently appointed as Technical Director of Charleston Academy.
(4:15) - Resource: Volleyball Explained (YouTube channelFacebook page)
(6:05) - Why is attacking so important to athletes and coaches?
(7:00) - How did Thierry's experiment with his school athletes on hitting velocity turn out?
(15:50) - What does Frank value in regards to hitting?
(19:00) - How do you train an attacker to recognize the hitting situation better and make a better decision in regards to being aggressive or conservative?
(22:00) - How can a coach challenge an athlete to develop an additional hitting shot and not be a one trick pony? 
(28:18) - What can be done to make hitting warm ups a better learning experience?
(32:00) - What are some of the favourite tools or approaches that Frank and Thierry particularly emphasize to facilitate the evolution of a hitter?
(36:38) - How important is the coach to coach relationship?
(37:40) - Why is the head coach's relationship with the assistant coach(es) perhaps the most critical one?
(41:40) - How can coaches from the same club spend quality time together and share successful practices?
(43:12) - How can being part of summer programs facilitate growing a coach's network?
(46:15) - How can club and school coaches improve their relationships and enhance the athletes' experience?
(51:00) - What are some of Thierry's and Frank's favourite fun warm up games?
(51:45) - Popcorn Tennis
(54:18) - 2 on 2 Hula Hoop Vollis
(56:30) - 6 on 6 Continuous Recycling
(58:30) - 2 on 2 Dig & Set Over
(60:38) - 2V2 or 3V3 Speed
(62:50) - Please share your favourite warm up game if you have one at