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Episode 08 (EN) - Thoughts on Serve Receive and Using Video in Practice

May 29, 2018
In this guestless episode, Frank & Thierry tackle two different topics: a skill is scrutinized, and a technological tool is recommended.
(1:00) - Special episode format, no guest, 2 topics, a skill & a technological tip
(1:10) - Similar episode also available in French (see below)
(1:50) - Please provide feedback about the recommended resources at
(2:42) - McKibbin Brothers (bioWebsiteYouTube ChannelTwitterInstagram), AVP pro beach players that share their knowledge
(4:15) - Many good videos on technical skills, physical preparation and psychological skills
(5:00) - Siblings competing together is special and very particular
(6:50) - Serve receive: the most important technique in the game?
(8:14) - Why serve receive is indeed important
(9:30) - Having the right mindset is critical to be a great passer
(12:40) - How do you train serve receive
(13:52) - A very important factor to be a good passer seems to participate in various sports in the critical period for skill development (8-12 years old)
(18:30) - What can coaches do to help the fast track the development of the serve receive skill
(19:00) - Try to increase decision making and cue reading as soon and as often as possible
(21:00) - Developing a specific aspect to a skill such as serve receive requires a large volume of training and a lot of time
(23:45) - Replace all small group on same side of net with some kind of over the net serve receive and rally drills
(26:35) - Common serve receive mistakes and potential solutions
(30:52) - Should a coach prioritize hand or forearm passing?
(36:50) - Should a passer use more the legs or the arms to control the push to the net?
(40:39) - Should a passer prioritise passing the ball on her or his mid line or "open up" the hips?
(46:00) - What do you do when your passers break down in a game?
(55:50) - What kind of stats on serve receive should be taken and how should they be used
(62:50) - What kind of technology should a coach use in a practice setting to analyse video?
(64:10) - Recommended tripodswivel & mount on Amazon
(64:58) - Using the Video Delay (lite versionPro version - $4,99) as periodically or almost every practice for at least a drill is highly recommended
(65:42) - Use Coach's Eye ($6,99) to analyse the skill periodically and compare the progression with a double screen, drawing lines, and doing voice over recordings
(66:43) - Dan Lewis uses WhatsApp with the national team to share short action videos with athletes so they can observe themselves outside of practice time 
(68:30) - What type of drills are conducive to using these different tools?
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