From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 06 - Biomechanics, Athlete Development, Recruitment & More with Lionel Woods

May 1, 2018
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome University of Ottawa women's volleyball Head Coach Lionel Woods to discuss various topics including biomechanics, athlete development and recruitment.
(1:20) - Lionel's bio
(3:40) - How did Lionel start coaching volleyball?
(7:30) - How did a multisport background help Lionel as a volleyball coach?
(11:20) - How Lionel developed his understanding and feel of the flow of the game?
(13:30) - How did coach Woods develop his kinesthetic learning style?
(15:20) - Who were Lionel's mentors?
*A deleted segment also had Lionel recommend a great leadership resource as follows:
(19:10) - Coaches impact their athletes considerably through the passion they demonstrate and the values they abide by.
(22:10) - What would Lionel do differently if he had to start his coaching career again?
(24:15) - How does coach Woods keep developing as a coach after so many years?
(27:05) - What does Lionel think the men's game and the women's game could steal from each other?
(31:50) - What is Lionel's coaching philosophy?
(34:20) - What is the biggest weakness rookie athletes demonstrate often upon arrival in a university program?
(39:25) - What should a club athlete be doing in the off season ideally?
(44:00) - Who should be the yearly plan leader?
(47:36) - What can a 12-14U coach do to help the athletes move better?
(53:18) - Is there room for club and school volleyball to coexist, even for the high level athlete?
(58:07) - Does Lionel as a recruiter consult the high school volleyball coach?
(59:00) - How should a 17U or 18U athlete should approach post-secondary recruitment?
(63:18) - How can club coaches facilitate the recruitment process?
(66:40) - How critical is it that the club coach provide information about a potential recruit?
(70:35) - What is being done off court with the university program? What does Lionel think should be done at the club level?
(74:30) - Assigning an assistant coach to mental training is a winning strategy
(79:35) - What does Lionel think the Maverick Volleyball Club is doing well to prepare properly the athletes for the next level?