From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 05 - Physical Preparation with Nick Haince

April 17, 2018
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome Capital Strength Training Systems co-founder Nick Haince to discuss physical preparation.
(2:30) - Recommended resource: VCDM warm up circuit & injury prevention program
(4:02) - Art of Coaching Injury Prevention Series
(6:05) - Head Coaches' role with physical preparation
(7:15) - Nick's bio
(10:33) - What is Nick's coaching philosophy?
(13:20) - Why Nick got into strength coaching?
(14:24) - How Nick connects with the Mavs athletes?
(16:50) - Why should an athlete do physical preparation?
(18:45) - Being a "good mover" is important to be a high level athlete and to prevent injuries 
(20:00) - In season physical preparation priorities
(23:46) - Off season physical preparation priorities
(27:30) - Club culture needs to improve for off season physical preparation engagement
(31:42) - Coaches & parents have to support this culture (i.e.: exit interview or report card, set volleyball & physical goals)
(34:25) - Physical preparation is the priority in the off season, volleyball can happen around that if necessary
(35:50) - Having at least a coach (HC or AC) in the weight room has a tremendous impact on the team culture
(39:35) - How long does it take an athlete to learn a core movement like a squat or a deadlift?
(42:16) - 3 tiered system to 4 fundamental movements (squat, hinge, pull, press) allows athlete to progress individually
(44:16) - Is a 14UG or 15UB athlete too young for the gym?
(45:36) - What is peak height velocity (PHV) and how is it applied with physical preparation
(48:12) - The CSTS app, why, what and how
(53:10) - The app will be a year round multidimension data collecting and exercise prescribing tool
(56:03) - Elite volleyball often ends in the mid twenties to the early thirties, but physical conditioning should last a lifetime
(58:20) - Tips for coaches on what to do on the court to make their athletes better movers
(60:05) - A CSTS designed warm up that all teams follow pre-practice would be a great resource
(61:00) - A good warm up includes temperature elevation, soft tissue work, full range of movement development, joints stability and mobility maintenance
(64:08) - Nick's thoughts on a good cool down
(65:40) - CSTS driven seminars on recovery are in the works for the coming seasons
(67:24) - What a tournament warm up and cool down should entail?
(72:18) - Coaches discussing strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments is a great process