From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 02 - A Coach’s Purpose with Kerry MacLean

March 4, 2018
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome Maverick Volleyball Club president Kerry MacLean to discuss a coach's purpose. 
(2:30) - How can a club volleyball coach focus on the process
(3:15) - Be a lifelong learner
(3:40) - Invest time in practice planning (for those interested, Chris Lawson did an OVA webinar on How to Design Good Drills in the General Preparation Phase)
(4:20) - Expose the athletes to the various aspects of a high performance environement
(6:10) - Provide playing opportunities to all athletes  
(9:00) - Develop your own character
(11:00) - Kerry's bio
(13:30) - What was Kerry's playing career at McMaster like?
(15:45) - Why Kerry got into coaching so early?
(18:10) - What is Kerry's coaching style?
(21:50) - What would Kerry do differently if he had to start his coaching career?
(24:20) - Coaches should collaborate with officials, not confront them
(28:00) - What should be the mission statement of a club coach?
(31:00) - When and how should coaches focus on process or results? 
(34:15) - What should coaches do to get better? 
(36:05) - Make use of Internet resources (i.e.: Art of Coaching, online matches such as Laola1.tvFIVB YouTube  
(38:00) - How to avoid or overcome typical issues rookie coaches often face
Thanks for listening and don't miss our next episode with Maverick Volleyball Club Director of athlete development Bruce Dunning!