From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 45 -  Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation with Melissa Healy

October 16, 2019
In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome Team Canada Medical Coordinator and Athletic Therapist Melissa Healy to discuss the role of an athletic therapist, common injuries, prevention strategies and more. 
(1:23) - Which teams from the national men's program was Melissa overseeing this past summer?
(3:10) - What were some of the major challenges Melissa had to deal with this past summer?
(4:31) - Is dealing with injured athletes a challenge or a stressful situation?
(5:45) - What are some differences between summer programs and the National Excellence Program in regards to athletic therapy?
(7:55) - Did Melissa play volleyball growing up?
(8:50) - How did Melissa's passion for athletic therapy develop?
(12:25) - What are some of the main differences between physiotherapy and athletic therapy?
(14:15) - How do an athletic therapist and a physiotherapist collaborate with national team athletes?
(16:00) - What are some of Melissa's guiding principles when it comes to treating a condition?
(18:20) - How does Melissa deal with some of the national team athletes that have practically no off-season?
(23:20) - What are some common injuries that an athletic therapist must deal with?
(25:45) - What are some of Dan Lewis' tips in terms of prevention and maintenance to extend an athlete's career?
(28:20) - How long should a pre-practice routine be for a club athlete?
(33:22) - Should it be integrated within the practice time with younger teams or if time before or after practice is limited?
(34:00) - Any other general prevention tips?
(36:30) - What are some ways to accelerate the rehabilitation process or to work around some injuries?
(44:00) - Should an athlete that is dealing with a chronic injury still be involved with a summer program or should healing the injury properly with rest and rehabilitation be the priority?
 (47:15) - How should a coach handle an injury situation during a critical match?
(50:10) - What are a few exercises or stretches that athletes should do in regards to the shoulder?
(53:00) - What are a few exercises or stretches that athletes should do in regards to the knee?
(54:05) - What are a few exercises or stretches that athletes should do in regards to the ankle?
(56:10) - Is having an athlete lead the pre-practice protocol a good strategy?
(57:15) - Any final general tips for coaches to consider?