From The First Chair Podcast

Episode 43 -  Coaching Team O, Multi-sport Athletes, College Recruitment and more with Matt Schnarr

September 17, 2019
In this episode, Thierry welcomes Mohawk College women's Head Coach and Team Ontario Black women's Head Coach Matt Schnarr to discuss the value his involvement with the provincial program, multi-sport athletes, college recruitment and more. 
(1:00) - How is Team Ontario Black doing so far with its summer training?
(1:55) - What is a typical training day for Team Ontario Black?
(3:42) - What are the main teaching points for coach Schnarr with this 10 day training camp?
(5:52) - What is Matt working on personally as a coach this summer with the provincial team?
(9:50) - Why is coach Schnarr always trying to recruit multi-sports athletes?
(11:17) - How did Matt successfully play 2 collegiate sports?
(13:03) - Why did coach Schnarr become an assistant coach so quickly after his collegiate career?
(14:09) - How did Matt become a head coach in his second year of coaching?
(15:55) - How did coach Schnarr manage athletes that were ex-teammates and really good friends?
(16:39) - What were some early lessons as a coach?
(18:30) - To what does coach Schnarr attribute his teams' success through the first decade at Mohawk?
(20:20) - Why did Matt coach college and club and act as technical director?
(21:33) - As a young technical director, how did coach Schnarr interact with older coaches that had more experience than him?
(23:40) - How did getting involved with the regional and provincial programs impact his coaching approach?
(25:12) - How did Matt come to coach both the men's and women's team at Mohawk?
(27:05) - Why did coach Schnarr switch to the women's team full time after that double year?
(30:10) - Is there a difference between coaching a male athlete versus a female athlete?
(34:48) - How difficult is recruiting at the collegiate level?
(39:35) - Is the collegiate level often a gateway to the USports or NCAA level?
(40:44) - What does coach Schnarr believe about the collegiate reality between the OCAA and RSEQ?
(42:06) - From a tactical standpoint, how different is it to coach at the collegiate level?
(45:36) - How did Matt develop his coaching philosophy?
(47:51) - What is the next challenge for coach Schnarr?